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HoloForge SDK
(Software Developement Kit)

Besides Microsoft tools, we have also developed our own solutions: HoloForge SDK (Software Developement Kit).

This SDK is constantly being updated as a robust support to all our projects. Time-wise, it has a considerable positive impact on the development of the projects, when implementing specific scenario or managing interactions.

Among all our embedded features, some truly stand out in terms of added value:



MultiLens enables to share the holographic experience with other users (To date, we have set a record up to 15 HoloLens). Especially when it comes to designing a presentation, analysing data or sharing a training session.



The Remote Expert enables to share the Hololens audio and video streams with any other devices. We use it when we want to implement a remote monitoring feature.



We have our own solution to match HoloLens and connected tools or equipments. With our HoloCrane Simulator, a real remote control is connected to HoloLens. The trained persons will learn faster because they will be confronted with real-life process and real equipments used in their workplace.