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Pitch your showrooms into the future!

HoloScene changes for good the world of communications, events and entertainment!

It's a fully customizable booth, that can switch instantly between several themes and designs. It will adapt to every type of space with or without the support of a physical booth.

This means that you can set up your holographic booth anywhere within seconds.

It’s multilingual, multi-user and offers real-time interactions. It is extremely easy to use so that everyone can explore and interact without assistance. But a presenter can also guide other users through the experience. It will definitely change the way people imagine events and promote brands at trade fairs.

People waiting for a demo @2017LavalVirtual show :

Holobooth laval virtual hololens holograms.png


  • Event agencies
  • Brands
  • Any company wishing to showcase services or products


  • Features several themes at once (changing topics, colors, ambiances, voice over, music, sound design etc.)
  • Real time interactions
  • Multi-languages, multi-user with/without facilitators (Free visit or guides)
  • Fits any type of space, with/without support of a physical booth or physical objects/products, installed in few minutes anywhere
  • Offers different scenarios which create elements of surprise and reveal progressively the features: each visit is unique and memorable.
  • Will include a set of editing tools to set up and customize one’s own booth

More about HoloScene here...