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HoloForge SDK
(Software Developement Kit)

Besides Microsoft tools, we have also developed our own solutions: HoloForge SDK (Software Developement Kit).

This SDK is constantly being updated as a robust support to all our projects. Time-wise, it has a considerable positive impact on the development of the projects, when implementing specific scenario or managing interactions.

Among all our embedded features, some truly stand out in terms of added value:



Hologram handling: interact with the position, the orientation, the scale of each interface, document or 3D model. For a more accurate use, you can also plug a gamepad.

Image recognition: a part of the open source OpenCV library is available to identify and put some images or QR code in your workspace. These images can be used to define a starting point for your experience or positioning holograms.

Interface and scene creation: to create menus, lists or buttons on the fly with a XAML-type system. This enables to separate code, logic and design for a better flexibility in development and maintenance of the applications. As a basic functionality of the HoloScene app, it’s also possible to save your best configurations and load them later.



Magnetism: facilitate the selection by moving automatically the cursor over points of interest.

Visual assistance: help users to look in the right direction at the right time. Users have a better perception of where holograms are in their environments and how to find them.

Voice control: activate an option, open a window, or validate a command with your voice.

Connected objects: connected real industrial remote controls or tools to incorporate what people have learned into real-life applications, on the field.



MultiLens: share the experience with several other users, connected with a Windows 10 PC or HoloLens.

Local network connection: Server, directly embbeded in the PC of the manager/supervisor, synchronising the positions of the users, their actions and their data flows. It’s a point-to-point connection, allowing simple deployment and maximum security.

Scan share: real time share of the Playspace (from a Hololens) with the supervisor, giving a precise topology of the user environment.