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HoloForge Interactive is Asobo Studio Holographic B2B branch. With five years of experience working with HoloLens, we have more experience with mixed reality than any other agency. With a roster of many world-class clients and POC, we are the international benchmark agency in the field of mixed reality.

We bring concrete and innovative answers to problems posed by major companies, by tailoring our holographic solutions to their specific needs: training, maintenance, economies of scale, energy savings, employee performances, coworking...

We have an iterative culture with high quality expectations driven by a taste for innovative challenges. Our team of Engineers, Developers, Designers, 3D Artists put their art of tech to serve industries & services: health, aeronautic, automotive, energy, entertainment, real estate, dataviz...

Clients & partners

  • Framatome
  • Vinci Autoroutes
  • UPSA
  • Girondins de Bordeaux
  • Naval Group
  • Microsoft
  • Nomadeec
  • CNRS
  • Université Bordeaux Montaigne
  • Archéovision.png
  • Université Bordeaux
  • Bouygues Telecom
  • Thales
  • SNCF

Everywhere in the world, we are already working on the subjects that matter all smart organisations...
Let’s thrive in the future!


& expertise




Concept development
Spatial UX/UI
Spatial audio design
Application design


Product Development
Asset Creation




Changing business for good

From 2D to immersive 3D, our holographic solutions allow you to go faster, better and further in your service or industrial challenges. We believe HoloLens will be part of all organisations soon: it’s an immediate pay-back in time saved and ensuring that people work more productively.

HoloLens’s scope has already proven many times that we can directly influence productivity, training, maintenance, co-working, envisioning and even increase the attractiveness of job opportunities. We have already seen significant and positive outcomes with POC: our clients make most of a division's strengths and assets, employees feel more confident and committed to their job. The holograms can also assist unqualified staff or people in career transition, by training them and levelling up their skills more efficiently.

Regarding work organization, companies will soon be able to deploy larger teams under multi-site and real time supervision of their managers.

HoloLens’ Future has arrived! As said earlier, everything is possible now!

Everyday, we are discovering new possibilities and opportunities, where HoloLens plays an incredible facilitator role. The games we’ve also developed with Microsoft in the past show that the technology has also a thrilling mass-market future.

It’s a brand new continent to explore!


« From the very beginning, we’ve always believed in HoloLens’ potential. This is a robust vector of progress. It masters technology in support of all departments in the company and of all generations. It improves the level of autonomy, the efficiency, and the self-confidence of the teams: this is one of our key orientations for our future app developments. »

Sebastian Wloch,
CEO of Asobo Studio



From Strategy & Design to POC & Full Developments Tools

We've been working with Microsoft on holographic solutions for more than 5 years and we have been recently selected to be part of the Readiness Agency Program Europe.


We own our proprietary engine, tools and work with Unity to build tailored applications.


Robust solutions, high-performance, an iterative culture with high quality expectations driven by a taste for innovative challenges.


Engineers, Developers, Designers, 3D Artists, put their art of tech to serve you.

Powering your performances

Essentially, we are providing design and technical support. Of course, we want to build a long-term trust partnership by ensuring the quality of this service. Now, we are so excited by the potential of HoloLens that our dedication “to make it happen” comes first!

Technician Program

« Being part of the Microsoft Agency Readiness Program enables us to offer to European companies our solutions that have already made the difference in the US. This is a tremendous achievement and a constructive collaboration which have led us to create 3 out of the 7 applications embedded in HoloLens when the device was first released. »

Olivier Goguel,
CTO of HoloForge Interactive