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Practicing in dangerous environments

Our Solution is a mixed reality trainer for mobile crane and EOT bridge operator, based on Microsoft’s technology: HoloLens.

The experience can be done alone or shared with others thanks to our own MultiLens technology (several HoloLens connected together).

This solution enables trainee operators to:

  • Practice in familiar surroundings
  • Use a real industrial remote control/handset
  • Improve their performance in operating a machine safely thanks to holograms.
  • No dangerous handling, no isolation as with VR and no loss of reference points...
  • Supports multiple remote control inputs 
  • Supports multiple machine models



  • Show mixed reality robustness in terms of education and training (unparalleled 3D handling, use of real environment, immersion…)
  • Facilitate jobs that are hazarduous and/or based on expensive equipment (better efficiency, better implication of the trainee, safety, economy of scale…)


  • Microsoft Hololens
  • Unity Engine
  • Tools (innovations from our studio): Connection with a real handset, Multilens


  • The user feels more confident and in control of his job
  • Handling in real but safe situation  
  • Accessibility of user experience, especially designed to be as natural and fluid as possible.