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HoloLens & Connected objects

You need a tailored solution to connect your tools with HoloLens? 

We are the innovation!

See what we've done with our hololens app HoloForge Industrial Training | We wanted to offer the best immersion possible. That's why we've connected a real remote controller to HoloLens. The perfect showcase to prove HoloLens works well with connected objects...

You want to plug something? A watch, wave sensors, infrared light beacons, controller module, tools, mobile phones...

  • You feel like you are in a real situation,
  • It's action-oriented
  • It's very immersive
  • You can track datas and get feedback


"Our HoloLens apps' scope has already proven many times that we can directly influence productivity, training, maintenance, co-working, envisioning and even increase the attractiveness of job opportunities. In fact, the fields of application are endless. Our mixed reality HoloLens apps are designed for high acceptability, (and) function seamlessly and wirelessly in any environment. Connecting objects with HoloLens is the ultimate way to bring immersion and realism!"

Sebastian Wloch, Asobo Studio's CEO