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Learning the lessons of video games - Fragments

FRAGMENTS - When Video Games help build better User experience and immersion

Experience compelling new possibilities for storytelling and gameplay when life-sized characters are aware of your presence, share your real space, and interact with you in mixed reality.

Spatial mapping allows holographic clues to be dynamically placed in whichever room you play.

You are the detective | In this first-person crime thriller, use cutting-edge tools and your compatibility with a device that can explore others’ memories to crack the case.

Your room is the crime scene | Uncover clues, sometimes hidden behind your furniture, in crime scenes that blend into your world. Characters feel real.

Life-sized holographic characters are aware of your presence and interact with you and your space as if they’re really in the room.


  • Adapts to the room size
  • Room Solver AI
  • World-aware life-sized characters
  • Emotional storytelling

Fragments for Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition - More here...