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Boosting collab with Multi-user view

Maximize communication and team confidence with our MultiLens feature!

Mixed reality is the perfect match to enable people to work together, even if you are not in the same location.

MultiLens help share holographic experiences with other users (We've set the record up to 15 Hololens connected at the same time). Especially when working on a presentation, analysing data or sharing a training session.

You keep eye contact | You see what your counterparts see and show

You take advantage of a customized view depending of your user status | Wether you are the meeting supervisor, the decision maker, the teacher, the trainee...

Flexibility | You can jump in / jump out any time, anywhere

Ubiquity | You can attend a meeting in the same room or where ever you are on the planet!

Clearly, this feature is of great help to stay flexible and be more agile with your teams, clients or partners.