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AR & object recognition can change workplaces

Guide a playful, pint-sized hero through your world in an ever-changing game that highlights all the fun of mixed reality.

Off the screen, into your world. Young Conker transforms your furniture, floors, and walls into the stage for a mixed reality platforming adventure.

Infinite replayability | Every level you finish becomes fresh again when you play it in a different room, or rearrange your furniture.

Characters react to you and your world | Conker knows he’s in a game and that you’re pulling the strings. He’ll break the fourth wall to react to you and your room.


  • Object identification: Use spatial mapping and shape detection to identify objects and create unique character interactions.
  • Natural Interaction: Using gaze to move a character gives users precise, real-time control without needing an analog stick.
  • Room Solver AI: Use spatial mapping and custom AI to dynamically generate game levels and character placement.
  • Player-aware characters: Knowing a user’s position and gaze, characters can react in fun and surprising ways.

Young Conker for Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition - More information here...