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Travelling instantly with HoloLens!

Travelling without moving thanks to mixed reality !

Explore the beauty of Rome or the secrets of Machu Picchu as you move naturally and interact with tour elements, no wires needed.

Feel like you’re really there | A combination of panoramic video, holographic scenery, and spatial sound creates a virtual travel experience with a real sense of presence and depth.

Impossible perspectives | Experience incredible vistas and cinematic moments that no real-world tourist could ever see.

Insightful tour guide | Melissa, your personal tour guide, shares historical and local facts with in-context visuals to help you really understand what you’re seeing.

Developer highlights | Here are some insights into the development of this app for Microsoft HoloLens that will help as you start creating your own.

  • Capturing panoramic video : Use off-the-shelf cameras to capture 360-degree video or build on stock 360-degree footage.
  • Creating depth : Use near-field holograms to add depth and parallax to 360-degree video so the destination feels real.
  • Detecting interest : Knowing how long the user looks at something lets you redirect their attention or offer new details.
  • Self-contained device : Take advantage of untethered movement. Encourage users to move around and inspect details.