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Develop HoloLens apps for Defense...

NAVAL GROUP – Europe's leading military naval contractor – chose  HoloForge Interactive to develop HoloLens apps optimizing  maintenance teams and  boilermakers work onsite.

Our holographic solution offers a realistic installation and reparation case toward pipe fittings on deck of FREMM frigates.

We were awarded as best app in the "Engineering & Construction" category @2018 Laval Virtual Show!


Specific context : Complex interventions on board ships


  • Narrow work areas where it is difficult to operate
  • Complex pipe combination and schemes
  • Documentation which is time-consuming to learn and error-prone, all the more for new employees
  • Need to anticipate all cross field bottlenecks and constraints

Our solution let user :

  • Visualize and repair part of a pipe system with or without physical support
  • Operate hands free
  • Get a holographic tool box to assist him safely and accurately while operating
  • Avoid assembly drawings, calculations, complex measurements (User can preview directly on the real installation what he has to repair or replace)
  • Display the location of the pipe clamps designed by the engineering department
  • Ajust the positioning of the guide rails and the clamps supporting the pipes according to real time environment recognition based holograms
  • Check the process step by step with the support of check lists and HoloLens permanent monitoring
  • Add notes and pictures (data transmission to the engineering dpt and automatic data logging)



  • The clamps are installed properly with no doubt possible
  • Time saved and simplicity
  • No isolation as opposed to virtual reality, no loss of all points of reference
  • Real operation with neither risk nor challenge
  • User experience accessibility designed to be fluid and effortless
  • The user feels confident
  • Capitalisation of the experience in order to optimize the install process (Direct feedback of all bug fixing to the engineering department through pictures, notes, measures...)

If you want to learn more about our solution and its perspectives : check out Les Echos interview

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