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Microsoft Conference

 September 17, 2021  | Microsoft France  

Microsoft France conference: Innovation at the service of an inclusive and sustainable recovery

[TECHNOLOGY] Have you ever dreamed of teleporting while staying at home? This is precisely the experience set up by HoloForge in the service of Microsoft France during its back-to-school conference.

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AFPIA Solfi2A (en)

April 6, 2021  | Les Echos

 Afpia Solfi2A uses a hologram to verify the layout of a machine

[INDUSTRY] The Afpia Solfi2A professional training center is collaborating with HoloForge in order to check and anticipate the installation of a machining machine at the heart of its Vendée workshop. A great use of mixed reality in the industry.

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Futura Sciences (en)

December 17, 2020  | Futura Sciences  

Iphone : Iphone: He recreates the Matrix universe in his living room

[TECHNOLOGY] With Lidar technology, Olivier Goguel, CTO at HoloForge recreates the Matrix universe in his living room. A beautiful demonstration of augmented reality to see absolutely!

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