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FRAGMENTS | Interact with human-size avatars

When video gaming pushes back the boundaries of user experience: ultimate immersion.

With the development of our first two games for HoloLens, Fragments and Young Conker, we have entered a new era of video games.

Live the life of a police inspector and conduct an investigation with Fragments! Spatial cartography, immersion and interactions with human-size holograms… your sitting room is the crime scene!

A new era for the video game?

Fragments is having a big impact in the entertainment industry. This interactive investigation opens up a new world of video-game experience. Thanks to mixed reality, immersion is pushed to the extreme and is played out right next to you, the player, in your own home, without using a screen. New narrative and interactive possibilities are thus available, offering an almost palpable innovative thrill and a game environment which is organized around you: Human holograms, objects and settings come to life in your own sitting room. They appear and interact with you in a story in which reality and fiction merge, without boundaries in time or space. 

The concept

A real life-size thriller, Fragments is an investigative game which unfolds in your own sitting room thanks to mixed reality. You are the detective, and you wear HoloLens as an expert tool to explore victims’ memories. Human-size characters are aware of your presence and interact with you. Clues may be hidden behind your furniture in a crime scene that blends into the reality of your world.

Certain HoloLens functionalities

  • Identification of the environment: the game detects the topology of the environment and then figures out its components. The system can detect floors, walls and ceilings as well as various different types of furniture in the room, and creates unique interactions with the characters in the game.
  • Room Solver AI: the game uses a spatial mapping tool and adapts artificial intelligence to automatically generate levels and character positioning.
  • Real collusion with the characters: as the game knows your position and where you’re looking, each character can react in a different and surprising way to your presence.

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