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YOUNG CONKER | The game which adapts to your environment

Object recognition & augmented reality: the future of the video game is here

In partnership with Microsoft, HoloForge Interactive had the great opportunity to develop Young Conker, an application offering an entirely new platform game experience. With mixed reality and object recognition, the holograms adapt to the player’s environment.

A new era for the video game?

With Young Conker, each level of the game is built directly in your sitting room. Enemies patrol around your coffee table, your sofa hides items to be collected, you can only get to your TV with a trampoline…. Wearing HoloLens, you, the player, guide the famous mischievous hero in a constantly changing world. And discover the joy of playing in a hybrid reality. The levels change and adapt to your environment, offering a unique and brand-new experience based on the room you are in.

Secrets of HoloForge developers

Certain HoloLens functionalities were needed to create this augmented reality game:

  • Identification of the environment: the game detects the topology of the environment and then figures out its components. The system can detect floors, walls and ceilings as well as various different types of furniture in the room, and creates unique interactions with the characters in the game.
  • Straightforward interaction: you use your gaze to move the main character – giving you precise control in real time of the game’s elements without a joystick.
  • Room Solver AI: the game uses a spatial mapping tool and adapts artificial intelligence to automatically generate levels and character positioning. 
  • Real collusion with the characters: as the game knows your position and where you’re looking, each character can react in a different and surprising way to your presence.

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