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HOLOTOUR | Travel with mixed reality

Enjoy an immersive tourist and historic experience in your own home.

Travel through space and time with HoloLens

HoloTour is a real tourist guide which lets you explore extraordinary destinations. You can tour Rome’s iconic destinations or set off to explore the great secrets of Machu Picchu. Explore and interact with holographic landscapes. The combination of panoramic video, holographic scenery and spatial sound offer you total immersion between the virtual and real worlds. HoloTour marks the advent of a new form of cultural mediation.

Ready for a virtual tour of the world?

This augmented reality application lets you witness major historical events, and share important moments in the world’s cultural past. With HoloLens and your personal guide, Melissa, you can explore extraordinary locations as they were at the height of their past glory: local anecdotes, in-context information and archeological discoveries are provided in real time on the sites, landscapes, objects and monuments to enhance your experience and memories of them..

Some key elements allowed the developers to craft this augmented reality journey:

  • Panoramic image capture: a 360-degree camera captures the real environment and generates a bank of 360-degree images.
  • Depth of experience: thanks to the holograms, the scenes have depth, and parallaxes and movement are added to the 360-degree videos, creating unrivalled immersion.
  • Detecting interest: The application is able to identify what the user is looking at, and adapts in real time to redirect the user’s attention or provide more details.
  • Autonomous: as user, you have complete freedom to move as you wish. The more you move and the more details you inspect, the more your visit is enriched.

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