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FRAMATOME | Training, safety and nuclear science with mixed reality

Optimizing interventions by maintenance teams in difficult environments

About Framatome

An international player in the nuclear sector, recognized for its innovative solutions and high added-value technologies in the design, construction, maintenance and development of nuclear power plants throughout the world, Framatome designs and manufactures components and fuel, and offers a range of services for reactors.

Industry of the future: new technological needs

Within the framework of Industry 4.0 and its drive to optimize safety and productivity, Framatome joined forces with HoloForge Interactive to sign the first mixed-reality training application for operators working in nuclear spent fuel pools..

The collaboration has continued ever since, and the product and its use have evolved over time. A retrospective of the milestones achieved:

  • 2017: Ergonomic study / Design of user interfaces / Local operator-supervisor streaming / Tests at CETIC
  • 2018: Addition of multi-users / Addition of Bluetooth dosimeter / Addition of virtual space sharing / Addition of screen sharing / Hot zone testing
  • 2019: Interface redesign / Addition of remote connection / Addition of augmented reality mapping / Addition of document importing / Addition of holographic markers
  • 2020: Creation of a permanent link between operators and supervisors / Access to a virtual document database / Display of facility dosimetry in real time


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