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NAVAL GROUP | Industrial maintenance and security with HoloLens

Discover the application for optimizing boilermakers’ work in the field

Problems encountered

Mixed reality also has something to offer the defense industry. Naval Group – the European leader in the naval defense industry – chose HoloForge to create a HoloLens application to improve productivity for teams of boilermakers working on assembly and maintenance in the field.

Naval Group wished to address a number of factors to facilitate the work of its staff. The areas in which they work are often tight and it is difficult for them to orientate themselves. The teams have to operate on parts of complex pipework with paper documentation which is awkward to read and assimilate, in particular for new recruits. Sometimes they also have to telescope installation phases and thus anticipate all the interventions in a single zone and centralize information within a single app to facilitate the team’s work.

Our holographic solution with HoloLens

Our application offers a practical solution for locating and installing a pipeline on board a multi-mission frigate (FREMM).

The operator starts by locating the intervention zone with the help of a 3D plan of the vessel. Once in situ, the holographic model of the pipework can be viewed, overlaid on the actual installation. To assist with its installation, he can display installation drawings and the reference numbers of the surrounding parts whilst keeping his hands free and his eyes on what he is doing. After installation, he produces a report of his intervention to which he can add photos and comments, and then sends the whole set to the engineering and design department.

We were awarded first prize for the best application in the “Engineering & Construction” category at the Laval Virtual trade fair.

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